Policies and Procedures


1.  East Smoky Minor Hockey Association:

This document provides the executive and members of the East Smoky Minor Hockey Association with the basis from which decisions are made.  The manual contains a summarized version of the Bylaws that provide the operating structure for the East Smoky Minor Hockey Association, and outlines of the specific job responsibilities of its Directors and Individual Teams.


2.  Polices & Procedures Manual:

All Executive members are responsible for ensuring this Manual is up to date.  The President is Responsible for custody of the master copy of this Manual and distributions of updates.  The President and the secretary are responsible for destroying all records/documents in the ESMHA office that are over seven (7) years old to date.


3.  Sanctioned Hockey Events:

ESMHA will follow Hockey Alberta’s guidelines for all sanctioned events.


4.  Positions of the Executive Board of Directors

All positions named must complete their term starting and ending at the Annual General Meeting as per the Bylaw Manual.  The positions of the Executive Board are as follows:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, League Director, as stated in ESMHA Constitution.


5. Boundaries and Player Eligibility

The boundaries for the ESMHA are established by the MHA’s. Players registering with ESMHA must reside in the boundaries of the East Smoky Minor Hockey district. Please see attached boundary map.


6.  AGM

The Annual General Meeting is held in the spring at the end of the hockey season, usually in March of each year. The order of business is as per the ESMHA Bylaws.  Positions are held for at least one full year with the exception of the President’s position (2 years) until the following AGM.


7.  Year End

ESMHA will have an annual windup in March/April. It will be decided on by the board on a yearly basis.           

            7.1 Gift Cards to Coaches & Board Members      

                        Teams will be allotted $150.00 in gift cards (decided at board meeting), usually allotted to Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager.

                       Board Executives also receive a gift card of $50.00 each.  President, Vice President, Secretary, Registrar & Treasurer.



8.  General Operations of E.S.M.H.A.

            8.1  Board Meetings-Board Meetings are held once a month usually first Wednesday of each month. Members will be notified by posters, community             calendar and emailed one week prior to the meeting date. All Teams must have representation at each meeting. A Coach and Team Manager Director                        attend.  Any team concerns are dealt with at this meeting. As per Bylaw 3.01 Items are to be submitted to the Secretary at least one week prior to                         the meeting.

            8.2  Team Rules

                        8.2.1 General

                        Teams are allotted ice times and it is decided per team if they want to hold practice or games on their designated times. 

                        8.2.2 Selection of Manager(s)

                        Team Managers are selected by the Coach and team.  This position may be split - Team Manager (books all games, refs, organizes team) and                         Tournament Manager (organizes home tournament).  Managers must be organized and have very good communication skills.  This person must                         also communicate with the coach constantly.

                        8.2.3 Team Meetings

                        The Coach & Manager will have a Team Meeting to kick off the season and choose a Jersey Person.  All team rules will be                                                               set out.  Team Meetings are held as often as decided by each team. (Recommended monthly after the general meetings to update your team)

                        8.2.4 Away Tournaments

                        Board will pay entry fees for away tournaments up to two per team. (Or upon approval of the Board) Any additional away tournament fees will be

                        paid for by individual teams. If teams pull out of away tournaments after commitments/payments have been made the team will refund the board.

            8.3 Team Photos

            The Board Secretary will book the team photos in the fall.Teams will be designated a time to be dressed and ready to go on the ice. Order pamphlets will be    given to team managers in advance.

            8.4 Power Skating & Goaltending Clinic

            Each year it will be decided if the Board can fund Power Skating. If the funds are available the Board Secretary will book Power Skating for the fall of each season. Each team will be allotted ice time and sessions. 


9.  Registration

            9.1 General

            ESMHA players must reside within the boundaries as set in the Policies & Procedures Manual.  All transfers between Associations must be approved by the releasing and receiving Associations.

            The teams are determined by the player’s age as of the 31st day of December of the current year as per Hockey Canada rules.

Registration fees are set by the ESHMA Executive committee on an annual basis. One pair of hockey socks is included with each paid hockey fee. The 2018/2019 fees are set as follows:


LEVEL                 AGE                  FEE            LATE FEE (after September 15)
Hotdog               4-6 years          $325.00      $475.00

Novice                7-8 years         $375.00      $525.00

Atom                 9-10 years        $400.00      $550.00

Pee Wee            11-12 years      $400.00      $550.00
Bantam             13-14 years      $425.00      $575.00

Midget               15-17 years     $425.00      $575.00

Due to Hockey Alberta Regulations, no player may participate in practices or games until the registration form has been completed, fees have been paid and RIS Parent online course completed. Registration must be paid on or before October 1st and players CAN’T touch ice until fees are paid in full. Late fees come into effect after September 15th.


Registration fees shall cover all ESMHA assigned practice ice, assigned game ice or allocated extra ice costs including referee expenses, insurance, league fees, Provincial play down fees and other budgeted operating expenses. 


Managers and Coaches MUST ensure players respect and abide to the above rule. Managers must correspond with the treasurer and registrar closely at the start of the season.


Fundraising - Policy & Procedures


 Fundraising expectations when applicable:

o    Cash and Camping

o   M.D. Garbage Cleanup

o   Casino

o   DeBolt Summer Fair

o   Selling tickets or other fundraising projects

o   Home tournaments

o   Home Games (time box, penalty box, 50-50 tickets, score keeping)



Each team will receive a loan of $1000.00 from the association to fund their tournament raffle tables. 

·         Managers/Team will still find sponsorship for team placement: trophies, cash or gifts for 1st, 2nd & 3rd

·         Managers will complete a budget form, including ice & ref expenses which will determine entry fees for the attending teams 

·         The money from the association PLUS extra sponsorship if desired will fill their table, heart & hustle gifts…etc

·         All tournament income will be given back to the Association. At year end after review of financials, the board will decide on a year-end item or money to be       given to each team per player for hockey related event/apparel.


Season Windup:

·         Windup will be determined by board


9.2 Refund of Fees

            All requests for refunds must be provided in writing to both the Registrar and Treasurer. Refund requests shall be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

-  Should the Board of Directors agree to refund money based on the circumstances, the administration fee of $25.00, the $75.00 Operations Fee and a pro-rated amount for ice time used will be deducted from the amount refunded.

            -  No refunds shall be issued after January 1 with the exception of medical reasons.

            -  Any player that makes “AA” or “AAA” will receive a full refund

            -  A full refund will be given to a player who has registered and there is not a team iced

            -  Any request for refund means the player is no longer registered as a player in ESHMA and is no longer eligible to play.


Any NSF cheques must be cleared prior to player taking part in the first game. A minimum fee of $25.00 plus bank charges will be applied.


9.3 Contents of Registration Package

            The registration package contents may vary slightly year by year but shall contain the following at a minimum:

            - Registration Form

            - Code of Conduct


9.4 Player Release

            Notwithstanding anything to the contrary as contained in the Regulations of the Governing Bodies, ESMHA will only release players when any of the following conditions apply:

1.  The request for release is to play a higher classification of hockey (e.g.  Due to size of MHA or Level of Hockey)

            2.  ESMHA programs are full

            3.  ESMHA does not ice a team

            4.  There is a change in residency that impacts the player

            5.  Under exceptional circumstances, in which case the President and the Registrar must review a written request to do so and present it to the board.


9.5 Player Movement

            All players must register in their appropriate age level.  If a player wants to play up a level it must be agreed upon with coaches of both teams and also needs to be reviewed by the board. If there is not a team iced (lack of players) a player may apply for overage status and be brought to the board level.


9.6 Tryouts with AA or AAA Teams

            Players wishing to try out for AA or AAA must register with ESMHA first with payment.  The permission to try out form is signed by the President.  Players that are selected for teams will be reimbursed full fees.  Refund requests must be submitted in writing to the Registrar and Treasurer.


9.7 Affiliation

Team to team affiliation will take place if agreed upon with the coaches and board. Affiliation is completed to allow extra players on a team to prevent League fines and in case a flu bug hits a team. A parent meeting with coaches should be held to explain this procedure and find out which players/parents are interested. Affiliation also gives a player the opportunity and experience of playing at another level of play.  Coaches must discuss this before a player is affiliated.  It is understood that the players’ first commitment is to the team they are registered with.  The number of games played as an affiliate will not exceed the regulations of the Governing Bodies. Any affiliations will only be approved that have been defined within the Hockey Alberta/Hockey Canada Regulations. Teams using affiliated players must first contact that players’ coach for permission as playing more than allotted games will result in an ineligible player and coach suspensions. Extra fees may apply to affiliated players to offset the extra ice use. The Registrar will than inform the president and board of the affiliation. Disputes arising from requests for affiliated players must be brought to the attention of the Board and a special meeting will be called to discuss and resolve the issue. Decision of executive members will stand. Upon Board discussion abuse of affiliation policy will not be tolerated. 


10.  Purchasing Policy

            From time to time the East Smoky Minor Hockey Association needs to make purchases on behalf of the board and its members.  All purchases made on behalf of the Board must be made with the best interests of the Association in mind and therefore the following policy and procedure has been created and approved by the ESMHA board.

All Purchases to be made on behalf of ESMHA are to be brought to the Board attention either via a monthly report or as new business or round table discussion in ADVANCE of the purchases being made whenever possible.

All purchases in excess of $250.00 shall be placed on the next Meeting Agenda and voted on.  Purchases less than $250.00 shall be noted into the minutes.  The Purchase does not need a vote simply the notation into the Meeting minutes.In the event that ESMHA needs to expend an amount greater than $250.00 the party responsible for the purchases shall obtain 3 written quotes for the purchase and follow the procedure set forth below. All written quotes shall be provided to the secretary for entrance into the monthly meeting minutes and kept as a matter of course.The Board shall then vote upon the need and validity of the purchase and determine if funds are available to make the purchase.


11.  Association Logo, colors and Clothing

Mike Shell created an updated version of our Rustler which is on all Jerseys. 

All Logos, Crests, or Art Work designs are the property of ESMHA and any use must be approved by the Board of Directors.


ESMHA has an ice stencil which is put in the ice each year by Crooked Creek Recreation Board Caretaker. 


ESMHA colors are black, red and white.


Team Managers can organize clothing purchases for the team but must include ESMHA colours and or logo. It is up to individual teams if they want to find a corporate sponsor to cover these items or a parents/guardians cost.


12. General Equipment

All equipment issued by ESMHA shall be clearly marked and it becomes the responsibility of the “borrower” to maintain and care for this equipment. Damage/loss of equipment over and above normal wear and tear is the responsibility of the borrower.

All keys distributed for the equipment room will be assigned to a board member and a master key will be kept by the board President. Keys may be assigned to designated persons as per board approval.

The Board will purchase games socks in Rustler colors which will be given to each player as part of their registration fees. Additional socks may be purchased through the team manager.  Monies collected must be submitted to the treasurer through the Team Manager.


            12.1 Goal Tending

            It is the policy of the ESMHA to provide necessary goal tending equipment (excluding sticks) for all teams up to Atoms level. Goal tending equipment will NOT  be loaned unless written request is given to the secretary, brought to a board meeting and decided on.  If approved the borrower will be assessed replacement/repair costs for any equipment lost, stolen or     damaged. A $100.00 damage deposit is required on all loaned equipment.


            12.2 First Aid Kits

            ESMHA will provide all teams with appropriate First Aid Kits.  Kit content may vary depending on level of play.  Ex. Hotdog to Midget First Aid Kit contents are the responsibility of the borrowing team.  All kits must be returned at the end of the season. Kits will be restocked prior to reissue.


            12.3 Pucks

            ESMHA will provide pucks and puck bags/pails for the use of each team at the start of the season. Additional pucks are the responsibility of the individual teams. All pucks MUST be approved by the CCRB - some makes of pucks are prohibited in the arena.


            12.4 Water Bottles

            Water bottles are the responsibility of the individual team.


            12.5 Locks & Lockers

            Currently there are lockers at the ice surface for all teams.  Locks can be changed per coach/manager request to the board. Puck bags, first aid kits, goalie gear, pinny’s can be kept in the lockers. 

13.  Sweaters

            13.1 General

            ESMHA will ensure all teams have a minimum of one set of sweaters and sweater bags at commencement of the season. All sweater purchases must be coordinated through the sweater committee andapproved by the Board of Directors. All new sweaters shall be ordered in Red and White/Red & Black with the approved Rustler Logo on the front. All sweaters purchases will be numbered 2 to 18, goalies 1, 31 & 35. A parent volunteer should be assigned the job of jersey parent and these jerseys’ are to be their responsibility during the season. Jersey’s lost or damaged must be reported to the board, after review the player may be responsible to pay for a replacement.


            13.2 Sponsorship

Sponsors wishing to purchase a complete set of sweaters may have their name placed on the back of each sweater for the life of the sweater. For info from past orders:  A full set of Jerseys were $1500.00 for away and $1500.00 for home = $3000.00 for a full team.  Also shoulder patches were sponsored to help offset the cost of the sweater. (The last orders were through Ernie’s Sports 2015/2016)


14.  Fundraising

            14.1 General

The fundraising coordinator will write Gold, Silver, and Bronze thank you letters along with season recognition.

            14.2 Sponsorship

Sponsorship of individual teams is required for the home tournament to run. (See fundraising policy and procedures on page 4 for more details)

            14.3 Individual Teams

Individual teams will get $1000 from board to use towards their home tournament.

            14.4 Support

            All parents, players and teams are expected to support the fundraising activities initiated by the ESMHA. ESMHA has the right to withhold certain privileges,        including ice time from teams failing to support fundraising activities and restricting away tournament entry fees.


15. Ice Allocation

            15.1 Practice Times and Game times

Hotdog: 1 weekday - 1 hr. practice                         Sat - 1 hr. game time/practice time

Novice: 1 weekdays- 1 hr. practice                         Sat - 1 ½ hr. game time/practice time

Atom: 2 weekdays - 1 hr. practice                          Sat - 2 hr. game time

Pee Wee: 2 weekdays - 1 hr. practice                     Sat - 2 hr. game time

Bantam: 2 weekdays - 1 hr. practice                       Sat - 2 hr. game time

Midget: 2 weekdays - 1 hr. practice                         Sat - 2 ½ hr. game time


*League teams Saturday Ice time is for games only.

15.2 Trades

            Practice trades can be made directly with Team Managers/Coaches but the CCRB care taker must be notified.


16.  League Games/Provincial Play

League games are determined at the League Meeting in October for the season. All league games must be allotted 2 hours ice time with the exception of Midgets which needs 2.5 hours. For Provincial play refs will be booked for teams by the Peace Zone Referees. All game sheets must be handled in the correct procedure, as per Hockey Alberta Guidelines. Teams wishing to play league must have at least 3 games prior to the scheduling league meeting. All game sheets must be submitted to the league rep to help determine tiering. Also if #’s are too low it is the discretion of the board to remove the team from league play to avoid Association fines. If coaches/managers DO NOT follow league protocol and fines are issued, individual team fines may be the responsibility of the team in question to pay.

If a team makes it to Provincial Play Downs the Board will cover up to $600.00 towards one (1) bus trip. Teams may decide which bus trip to apply it to.


17.  Hosting Home Tournaments

17.1 General

ESMHA is known for their home tournaments. Each team is responsible for fundraising for their home tournament. The Team Manager is responsible for making sure the home tournament runs smoothly and coordinates with CCRB so they know what time the tournament will start, the date, how many days etc. The CCRB requires the dressing rooms and upstairs to be left as it was found. Tournament dates will be picked by the board before APL scheduling meeting and completed before APL playoffs.   

The kitchen must be utilized for lunch during the tournament. Managers are to discuss with the kitchen. Coaches must be given dressing room keys and they are asked to make sure the rooms are kept locked when they’re not in them. 

 Entry Fee Guideline (check what the surrounding teams are charging for tournaments before our tournament fees are set)

 18.  Duties of Directors

            18.1 Coach


The selection of coaches is completed before hockey season starts (September). The following criteria will be used in the “Coach Selection Process”:

                        * Philosophy

                        * Attitude

                        * Coaching experience

                        * Hockey Experience

                        * Previous year’s player/parent evaluations

                        * Training

 All Head Coaches must have “Coach Level” certification. ESMHA will absorb the costs for obtaining this training.


All Coach/Bench Staff must have their Respect and Sport Coach Online course to be on the roster and bench.


All teams must have two (2) people with Hockey Canada Safety Program (Team Trainer) and at least one (1) is at the games.


At first practice if there is more than one person who wants the position of Head Coach, there will be a vote. One vote per family.


If a concern is brought forward via an “Incident Report” it will be reviewed by the ESMHA Board Members. (See Discipline Procedures - P&P #22)



All coaches and trainers must have their training by November 15th of the current playing year.  Coaches must produce copies to the Registrar immediately after training.

ESMHA refers to Hockey Alberta to determine what level of coaching each team needs.

ESMHA states Assistant Coaches do not have to be certified to assist at practices but bench staff must have coaching certification and RIS coach course. You must have a criminal record check done if you are new to coaching in the association.


Course registration fees will be reimbursed by the board, please submit to the Treasurer.  Each team may have a head coach and up to two assistant coaches, 2 Trainers. If further team’s officials are required it must be presented to the board for approval. The Registrar will affiliate Coaches with appropriate certification on team rosters.


All Coaches MUST wear certified helmets on the ice during practice.  No one is allowed on the ice unless they are a member of the bench staff and registered on the ESHMA team roster.


Coaches are responsible for enforcing rules and discipline of his/her team.  A Coach will attend all practices and games.  If unable to attend, the Coach is to arrange for his Assistant or someone else to take charge that is registered on the ESMHA Team Roster.


The Coach shall supervise the conduct of players and team officials during practices, games and team functions.


The Coach will make attempts to ensure players are wearing CAHA approved equipment.


Coaches in league play must educate themselves of the All Peace League rules and regulations.


The Coach should become aware of any medical problems with players and will encourage medical treatment when required.  It is encouraged but not expected for each team to have a Coach or Trainer with first aid certification.

18.2 Manager

The Team Manager is selected at the initial team meeting. The Team Manager position may be split into two positions:  (these two persons must have an open line of communication and be able to work together)

            Head Team Manager: 

                        * Assist the Coach in all administration aspects of managing the team

                        * Communicate ice time changes to the parents through the phone out person

                        * To find tournaments for the team to participate in

                        * Book referees for home games

                        * Correspond with the Coach and schedule away games for the season

                        * Notify arena caretaker & kitchen of cancellations and home games.

Manager Duties Guide

following is a guide line to help with the VOLUNTEER position as Team Manager:

1 to 26:  Taken from Hockey Alberta Rules & Regulations - TEAM MANAGER


1.             The Manager must obtain a Coach/Manager Manual from the ESMHA               (Ask Secretary)

2.             Become thoroughly acquainted with League & Association Rules & Regulations

3.             Keep an open line of communication with Coach. (Contact with game & tournament schedule, coach needs to review before typed & given to parents) Handle all problems to the best of your ability & if necessary, contact coach or board.

4.             Act as liaison between team & appropriate executive member.

5.             Responsible to help coach in enforcing the rules, discipline, and behavior of the team.  Coach will advise you what he wants you to do while he is on the ice  with the players.

6.             No inappropriate language on the ice, on the bench, or in the dressing room.

7.             No alcohol or drug consumption by minor hockey players & team officials (regardless of age) at any league or team function. 

8.             All correspondence, e.g. practice time, exhibition games, comes through the manager.

9.             On commencement of the season, obtain game schedule & practice times & distribute to player/parents.

10.          Make sure your players are carded or team sheeted by deadline. (Work closely with Registrar if player needs to be affiliated with more than one team-before deadline)

11.          Arrange for a Team/Parent meeting to go over objectives, goals, and expectations for the season.

12.          Notify players of practice time & location.  Give players as much notice as possible.

13.          Arrange for referees, timekeeper, & scorekeeper for all games or delegate.

14.          Arrange for exhibition games both home & away. (If in league-League commitments shall take precedence)

15.          Find out how many away tournaments the board approved and book them as soon as possible as they fill up fast.

16.          Learn proper procedures for filling out game reports, forms, etc.

17.          Ensure all game sheets are turned into the appropriate person after each game.

18.          Advise parents & players that under no circumstances is team equipment to be used outside of approved game play (goalie equipment, puck bags, water bottles)

19.          Utilize all ice time.  If ice (practice or game) is cancelled notify ice manager, arena & team at least 24 hr. notice or 2 hr. notice if weather conditions. (-40 arena closed)

20.          Manager must have a player’s medical history, Alberta Health Care number, and parent waiver to allow you to have medical assistance administered.  Carry this with you at all times. (Must be returned at end of year)

21.          Ensure a directory of players’ names, address, telephone, medical insurance numbers & parents’ names is compiled.  An official Team Roster will be issued by the Board Registrar. Carry this with you at all times.  Confidentiality is a must; returned at end of year.

22.          Dress code to be determined by each team.

23.          Budgets - Approved by Executive

24.          Injuries - Reported to right Authorities

25.          Provide a fun atmosphere for the players; our first priority is that the players enjoy hockey. Winning is secondary.

26.          Obtain a list of courses for Coach/Assist. Coaches & Manager from Secretary & MAKE SURE all designated people are certified before they go behind the bench!! 

27.          Attend each (monthly) meeting with the Coach & notify the team of information, if unable to attend, you must send a Team Rep.

28.          Find Jersey Person - in charge of bringing jerseys to & from game.  No players are to keep their Jersey, Jerseys to be washed only when needed.  If a Jersey is lost the player is responsible to replace. Manager MUST keep a hard copy of Jerseys distributed.

Phone out Person (Manager) - Team Roster typed by Manager - manager will phone each week to update & inform teams of the games.

29.          Players do NOT go on the ice until Fees are paid (as per insurance policies.) Please check with treasurer/registrar to make sure this is all done.

30.          Schedule games with other Managers on your designated time slot, Book Refs & Time Keepers (Referee names & game dates given to Treasurer in a timely manner, so Refs can be paid promptly!)

31.          Manager/Team is responsible for getting 4 Trophy Sponsors for the Tournament at $200.00 each. This money is used to purchase the Tournament Trophies or equivalent items for the Tournament Day.

32.          Book other teams for the tournament, decide if the tournament will be one or two days, advise arena, care taker & board.

33.          Keep Registrar updated of new or withdrawn Players & Affiliated players (on 2 teams)

34.          Raffle - If tickets are sold, keep track of books & money collected, money given directly to Treasurer.  Parents are assigned at least 1 book per player to sell.

35.          Organize parents to work the Casino

36.          Keep all info in a binder for the year, team contacts & numbers will be handed over to next year’s manager & all F.O.I.P information to the board which will be destroyed. (Team roster, health information, parent names & personal information)

37.          Make sure all puck bags, Jerseys, equipment & First Aid Kits are replenished & returned at the end of the season.

38.          Forward income/expense statement and make sure all monies collected (sock money, raffle money,etc.) and receipts are forwarded to Treasurer.  All reimbursement chqs & opt out chqs forwarded to parents.



*              Christmas - Play Parents?

*              Coach gift, end of season

*              Find sponsor for Hoodies or Track Suits - Sponsor chooses item (hoodie, tracksuit, jacket etc) and orders them with color choice or embroidery and pays the vendor directly. Manager helps with sizing the players and player names, Jersey number & position.


Manager Duties for League Teams:  Atoms, Pee Wee, Bantams, & Midgets

*              Attend the scheduling League Meeting with Coach (Beginning of Season)

                                - Before meeting plan Tournament Date & have flyer for meeting

                                - Check out possible away Tournaments you may want to attend

                                - NEGOTIATE LEAGUE GAMES

*              You are the contact person for any league game changes and any exhibition games

*              Book Refs for home games

*              Each Team should have the following parent volunteers:

                                - Security Coordinator:  if issues arise designate a parent to wear the security vest

                                -  Time Keeper Coordinator

                                -  Penalty Box Coordinator


The above listed duties are used as a guide recommended by the East Smoky Minor Hockey Association.  Please contact the board if you have suggestions or questions.



             Home Tournament Manager:

            * Coordinating fundraising activities for the team

            * Request a Sanction number online at Hockey Alberta for all home games.

* Obtain a raffle license online at AGLC & file a raffle financial report online within 60 days after the raffle.



The Following “how to” list is a guide for tournament managers:



*              Plan Tournament with other teams.  Get a copy of other team rosters, find out how many players. Younger teams each get a trophy and older teams may get 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies (or equivalent).  Plan if you’re having skills competition, toonie toss, shoot out.        

                Example of skills: speed, Shooting, Agility.

                Send Tournament rules to other teams, keep in contact with managers.

*              Food - Burgers/Hotdog, chips, Juice, Water & oranges for dressing rooms (younger teams only - Hotdog, Novice & Atom) Burgers/Hotdogs to be purchased through the kitchen @ CCRB.

*              Trophy’s engraved, Toques, sticks - MVP rooms (younger teams only - Hotdog, Novice & Atom)

*              Goodie bag for little teams rooms (younger teams only - Hotdog, Novice & Atom)

*              Book Refs, Score Keepers (Keep track of who refs game & give to Treasurer for payment)

*              Collect Tournament fees from other teams.

*              Get float from Treasurer

*              Board Item:  If approved (decided annually)For Tournament sponsor table

*              Do up schedule of Tournament, approve with coach, email or fax package to other team managers with game rules

*              Keep track of Sponsor items and purchase extra toys or items for the sponsor tables.

*              Type out parent schedule for Tournament.

*              Have parent work bee the night before for setting up tables & putting up posters

*              Make “Thank-you Sponsor Poster” to post at tournament

*              Your Budget for Tournament is your sponsor book *DO NOT OVER SPEND*

*              Type Thank you letters to sponsors after tournament completed and distribute Treasure receipts to sponsors. (Usually sent together but not necessary - timing)  Receipts are issued and given to visiting tournament teams on the day of the tournament.

*              Complete financial statement for the treasurer (tally profit in various categories - see attached)

*              Sanction Number - get from Registrar before tournament and post number on poster somewhere  on Tournament day.

*              Sanction Number should be applied for as early as possible so the tournament is listed on Hockey Alberta’s Website.

*          If the team is fundraising through 50/50 draws or other means that is considered to be a gaming activity by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor commission the Manager is responsible for ensuring the team has the appropriate gaming licenses and file reports after tournament.

*          For any draw done at a home tournament there will only be ONE winner. If the prize is not claimed at the end of the tournament we will hold onto the prize. ESMHA will not do any redraws. If it was a bearer draw and there was no name or number left, the prize will be passed onto another tournament or kept for the next season.

*          All draws are to be done in the public eye.


18.3 League Director

The League director should try to attend all League meetings for the season. Approx. 5 meetings. Ridgevalley is over the probation period as ESMHA has only been in the All Peace League a few years. If ESMHA does not have any teams registered in the League the League Director MUST attend the meetings or we can be suspended from the League and it would take two years before ESMHA      could register another team.  The first meeting is in the fall - September. Two weeks later the Coaches and manager attend the league scheduling meeting (ESMHA has two votes, two people should attend)  ALL HOME TOURNAMENTS MUST BE KNOWN AT THIS TIME SO LEAGUE GAMES CAN BE SCHEDULED AROUND THEM)  The League Playoff Meeting is in January, Provincial Playoff meeting in March and the last meeting for the season is in April. Ice Director must attend the ice user meeting in September at the CCRB to determine ice times and schedules with a Board Executive. 


18.4 Fundraising Director

The Fundraising Director is selected at the AGM. This position is in charge of all major fundraising projects. All ideas and plans must go through the board.


19.  Referees


19.1 General

            All Referees must be carded in current year with Hockey Alberta.

            Referees must be at least two years older than the age of the players they are assigned to. Provincial Tournament Referees will be assigned in accordance with Hockey Alberta regulations. All referees shall provide their own equipment.

Referees will pay the cost of their Referee Clinics. The ESMHA will reimburse them if they pass their Clinic with a mark of not less than 50% and after they have refereed (3) games for the ESMHA.


19.2 Payment

            ESMHA will provide payment for all Referees and Linesmen for all games.

League and Provincial games rescheduled by the Governor in accordance with Hockey Alberta rules and beyond the control of the team will have officials provided by ESMHA. Managers are to ensure referee forms are to be completed, signed by Referee and Manager and submitted to the Treasurer for payment. For League games when outside Referees attend signed cheques may be issued, but forms MUST be submitted with cheque information completed on the forms. Referee payments are based on Hockey Alberta rates.





1.  The ESMHA has adopted a Conduct Management Plan and Code of Conduct.  Membership and participation in the ESMHA is a privilege, not a right.  Members, players, team officials, volunteers, Executive Committee members, coaches, volunteers, officials, parents, and spectators are required to abide by the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures of the ESMHA as well as the Rules and Regulations set forth by Hockey Alberta and the ESMHA.  Any inappropriate conduct, threats, harassment or abuse (including the use of profanity) directed towards game or team officials, members, players, volunteers, Executive Committee members, coaches, volunteers, parents and spectators or damage to the property of the Association or of another association will not be tolerated.


2.  All Members, fans and participants of the Association shall respect the game of hockey and shall behave in a manner so as not to make a travesty of the game.


3.  Violation of any provisions set forth in the ESMHA’s Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action.


4.  The Association will not tolerate loud, obscene, obnoxious Coaches, Managers, Assistants, Players, Parents, or Fans. Such individuals will be subject to disciplinary action as per ESMHA Policies & Procedures.


5.  Parents and fans are not permitted in the dressing rooms except as expressly permitted by the respective Division Head and/or Coach to assist their child in changing before or after a game.


6.  In no circumstances is a parent or fan to enter the opposing team’s dressing room.


7.  Coaches and other team officials, players, parents and fans are not permitted in the officials’ dressing room, nor are they permitted to confront game officials about the game.


8.  Upon receiving a written complaint on the ESMHA Incident Report Form, the executive shall take the necessary action, which may include suspending the right to attend games at the Crooked Creek Arena.


9.  I understand that the game of hockey is a team sport and I will encourage teamwork and being a team player.


10.  I understand that playing a sport involves a commitment to the team.  I will make every attempt to always get my child to every game and practice on time.  Where this is not possible, I will contact my coach in advance.


20.1 Discipline

Any player, coach, manager, trainer, official, volunteer, member, parent, spectator that is guilty of unacceptable conduct or violating the Code of Conduct or any other rule, regulation, or ruling of the ESMHA Board on or off the ice is subject to discipline or suspension.

            ** A verbal reprimand

            ** A written reprimand

            ** A demand for an apology, either written or verbal, to any affected party

            ** A suspension from participation in or at Association activities, which may include barring of attendance to the Crooked Creek Arena.

            ** A recommendation for an expulsion from the Association

            ** A combination of two or more of the above.



All banners created by ESMHA for such things as League Championships etc. will be created in ESMHA colors and be uniform size and shape of current banners in the arena.  Trophies and memorabilia will be displayed in the trophy cabinet.



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